Antibiotics are amongst the most commonly used drugs, and any physician, at one time or another, will prescribe them. However, in most medical curricula, the attention for antibiotic therapy is quite scarce. Therefore, the ESCMID Study Group for Antimicrobial stewardshiP (ESGAP) offers a workshop in antibiotic therapy, which has been organized four times in Madrid (last edition February 7-9, 2019), with the practical organization in hands of the University Medical Center Utrecht.

In an intensive three-day program, clinical experts cover the basics of antibiotic therapy, and will discuss the rationale behind the antibiotic treatment regimens of the most relevant infections for medical specialists. The course material will be further practiced with interactive questions. The course strives for maximum interaction, group size will therefore be limited to a maximum of 60 (two groups of 30).

The next dates and location for the course are yet to be determined, but this will likely be in 2020.

Looking forward to welcoming you at one of the ESGAP courses,

Dr Miquel Ekkelenkamp, clinical microbiologist University Medical Center Utrecht, course coordinator

Prof CĂ©line Pulini, infectious diseases specialist, University Hospital Nancy, ESGAP executive committee chairperson